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Site News

July 28 - 2005
Not really much to report, sorry; however, there are a lot of new gifs with a whole lot more on the way! And the Yu-Gi-Oh! page has been killed. Yu-Gi-Oh! is so last year.. August's Anime Babe has been put up, and the art contest is still running. SEND IN your ART!! Please?

June 30 - 2005
In addition to the previously mentioned New, there is also a new Contest - Fan Art! You have all of July to enter, so get to it! Show me your skills of an artist! Also, more gifs will be added, but because they are so big, I may have to host them all on another site and link to it. No worries, you'll get to see them all the same. And as if anyone cared, the Have/Want section has been updated to include some new stuff I just got: Anime - G Gundam and Gundam Wing, Manga - Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Vol. 1 and 2.

June 27 - 2005
We've got some new for ya! Just how you like it. There's a new anime babe - a certain girl turned vampire from a certain vampire anime. I'm talking about Seras Victoria from Hellsing if you couldn't guess. And there's a new section, anime gifs, that was created just for you! No, not you, the guy next to ya. Finally, there's some new updates to an old section - Anime Midis. There are now over 70 midis for your enjoyment. Thank you, come again!

May 31 - 2005
There is a heap of new stuff going down here at Japanimation101. First, you'll notice the new and improved look. Snazzy, I know. There have been new pages like an entire poll page. Also, monthly contests will be a new thing around here starting with the first one in June. Don't forget updates to some of your favorite pages like new anime babes, new reviews, and more content on the Fullmetal Alchemist page. Summer is in full swing, baby!

May 17 - 2005
Updates: the Rurouni Kenshin pics had a little make-over, and a new article "Dubbed Anime" has been added. Also, May's anime babe, Nami, has been added. More reviews have been added, including Mobile Suit Gundam. And the Fullmetal Alchemist page is still under construction, so check back soon.

April 10 - 2005
Hooray for updates! Ok, so there really aren't many this month. School is ending and tests are coming up and blah, blah.. But we do have the obligatory Anime Babe of the Month: Lacus Clyne! You've seen her on your TV screen, now you can see her.. on the computer screen.. again..? I'm also currently getting the 'Fullmetal Alchemist' page together. Gosh, I love that anime.

March 06 - 2005
Happy Birthday, Japanimation101! It's been two years to the day since the creation of this little site. We're celebrating all month with tons of give aways, contests, and prizes!! (Warning: Due to lack of funding, there will be no give aways, contests, or prizes) Thank you and come again!

February 28 - 2005
I've got just a few words for ya: new anime babe, new reviews, and some new quizzes. For the quizzes, just head on over to the 'Article' section. Good times!

January 02 - 2005
There are lots of new updates! New Read Or Die Review/Summary. That makes 12. Also, an article on Ken Akamatsu is now in the Articles section. A new Anime Babe for the month and a new poll, too.

October 12 - 2004
I just added a new review of 'Hand Maid May.' That makes 10. Yay! October's Babe is here, so take a look-see. Articles really might be here soon. Stuff like a closer look at Artists and things like that. Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

September 25 - 2004
I've been neglecting the site since school has started. Sorry 'bout that. But I'm back with a vengence!! I just added the September Anime Babe, so be sure to check her out (I know I have). Check back in a little, too, because October's Babe is just around the corner. Also, more reviews have been added making a total of 8 with more on the way. Keep coming back, and I'll keep the content going! One last thing, articles may be coming to the site soon. I'm doing my best to please.

August 06 - 2004
More updates! Yay! Two new sections added: Have/Want section and Review/Summary section. Now I can brag about the anime I have and tell you what to watch and what to pass up. Of course, we've got a new babe. Just been tweaking the site lately. Increase the peace! Late.

June 11 - 2004
It.. has.. been.. done. I got rid of the "Kids' Korner" section, that is. It was hard to kill Hamtaro and all of his hamster friends, but it had to be done. Oh well. Let's see, other than some vermin extermination, not much has been happening around the site. I did finally add May and June's AnimeBotM! It's the gallery's one year anniverary! Japanimation101 - bringing you hot anime babes for an entire year.

April 09 - 2004
Wow, I am one lazy mother... shut yo mouth! What, I'm just talkin' bout me. Neewayz, not many new updates: 2 new Anime Babes, a new "Have and Want" section, and uh... some Anime News updates. Yup, not a lot, but it's all I've got for now. (Man, it seems like all I do now is say "sorry I was lazy...)

January 02 - 2004
Not sure if you've noticed, or even cared, but I haven't put up December's Anime Babe of the Month until January. The holiday season was crazier than I expected. So I will put up the December AND January ABotM the entire month. Also, there are big, BIG changes on the horizon. Bigger and better than first expected. Keep an eye on it!

December 16 - 2003
Change is a good thing, right? Hope so, 'cuz there's gonna be a lot of it. Space in running low so certain pages will be removed. The list includes, but not limited to: Kid's Korner, Capcom, and possibly even some from Final Fantasy. If any of these changes disturb you, tell me. I will work around it!

November 7 - 2003 Long time no see! Lot's of new things: NEW Excel Saga page, NEW layout, NEW Anime Babes of the month, including this month's, and NEW pics and bios from your favorite animes! A lot of new with more on the way!

August 25 - 2003
Hello my loyal fans,, some new stuff is in the works like an OVA section. This means you'll be getting some anime favorites like: Gatekeepers 21, Maze OVA, and my personal fav FLCL! Also, reviews and summaries of animes are coming very soon. That is, right after I finish some more bios. Keep a look out for Excel Saga, you never know where it might pop up! *wink*

August 12 - 2003
Hey all, sorry about not putting up the Anime Babe of the Month sooner. But it's here now, and that's all that matters, right? We also have a new anime on the site "Love Hina". I'm very excited about this anime. More coming later like polls and the like. Cya soon!

July 25 - 2003 The Yu-Gi-Oh! section is finally back! It's simpler to navigate and allows more space on the site. It's almost the end of the month, do you know what that means? That's right, a new "Anime Babe of the Month"! Sure, now you're excited...

July 05 - 2003 I almost forgot to say something on my last update. There are now coloring pages on the "Kid's Korner". Printouts for Pokemon and Cardcaptors. Check 'em out! Remember, you don't have to be a kid to like to color.

July 03 - 2003 Hey peeps, it's Schwarz again! I've got exciting stuff coming, and some of it's already here. I added a new "Anime Babe of the Month", added the new "Maze" section, and added some Gundam bios. I plan to complete the Gundam bios sometime this month, possibly next month. I've also started remodeling the Yu-Gi-Oh! section. This means 2 things: easier to navigate and more space for the site. And we all know that "more space = more anime"!

June 23 - 2003 Hey! The G Gundam section is back up! In an amazing 2 and 1/2 days, too. It has more gifs, more pics, and it's easier to navigate through. Have fun!

June 21 - 2003 Due to complaints, suggestions, and my own personal preference, the G Gundam section will be taken down for a short time for construction. The G Gundam section will be back shortly, hopefully in a week. It will be new and improved! Just the way you asked.