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Anime News

April 19 - 2005
I will no longer be posting anime news on this site. Two reasons: 1) I doubt this site is your source of anime news and 2) we just aren't at the forefront of the news world here at Japanimation101. So instead, I give to you, a real news site:

October 13 - 2004
G4TechTV's Anime Unleased has aquired a few new titles: R.O.D. the TV & Gungrave. Toonami is scheduled to start showing Full Metal Alchemist very shortly. Lastly, the FoxBox has begun show One Piece, Tokyo Mew Mew, and F-Zero GP Legends. Stay tuned for more updates! When I know, you'll know!

June 11 - 2004
It's a good time for anime! Toonami has just started showing its newest show "Rave Master." Adult Swim has also started its newest anime "Case Closed." (FYI: Case Closed was originally named 'Detective Conan.') New episodes of Gundam Seed, Dragonball GT, Duelmasters, and InuYasha just keep on coming, too! It's also rumored that 'Vandread,' the giant mech anime, might be coming to Toonami. Here's hoping for a bright anime-filled future!

January 12 - 2004
New animes are coming to TV and some are already here. First, let's start with what's come. Geneshaft and Banner of the Stars are showing on TechTv's "Anime Unleashed." Next, Heat Guy J is coming to, surprisingly, MTV, and Witch Hunter Robin is coming to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

August 12 - 2003
New animes all this summer! The long awaited "FLCL" has arrived on Adult Swim. This OVA is 6 episodes long, so catch it before it's gone! Also, Blue Gender is now on Adult Swim as well. This Sci-Fi is very compelling and violent. Big O season 2 is also on adult swim every Sunday night. Wow!

July 3 - 2003
There've been many new animes starting to air on TV and even more are on their way. For instance, "Big O" is making a comeback on Adult Swim starting next week at 12:00. Plus, there'll be new episodes of everyone's favorite, Inu Yasha, starting in August. New animes will be making the scene like: Shaman King on the Fox Box, and 2 new animes on Anime Unleashed, Gatekeepers 21 and Boogie Pop Phantom. This is just for now, more anime is always emerging. We'll keep you posted.