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DNAČ (TV Series + OVA) Review

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Genre: Romantic Comedy,Sci-fi
Rated: 14+ for language and ecchi scenes
It's like: If Tenchi had a time-travel element to it.
Related Titles: Tenchi & Hand Maid May

Short Synopsis: In the distant future, over-population is a problem. There isn't enough food, water, or other resourses for everybody. This is all thanks to the "Mega Playboy." In the not-so distant future, the Mega Playboy will impregnate 100 women, and those 100 women will have 100 sons, and those 100 sons will impregnate 100 women, and so on and so on. To prevent this, the future has sent a single soul on a mission to get rid of the Mega Playboy. Equipped with a bullet to take away the Mega Playboy's powers of seduction, Karin sets out on a mission to save the future. But will she be another victim of the Mega Playboy?

Story: DNAČ revolves around the Mega Playboy and all of the girls that are in love with him. Like in most romantic comedies, all of the guys flock around one guy, and DNAČ is no exception. There is usually one girl that you hope ends up with the main character, and for me, it was Karin; however, the writers had another girl in mind. Anyways, it's a futuristic, and sort of silly, take on the genre. While it's not incedibly deep, it has enough depth and twists to keep it interesting.

Characters: This was a part of the anime that was a little lacking. While some of the characters like Karin and Amy felt real and interesting, the other girls felt distant. Junta, the main male character, was pretty interesting, too. He could be funny as himself, but someone you could root for as the Mega Playboy. Overall, they could be worse, but they could be a lot better, too.

Animation: I know this is an older anime, from 10 years ago, but the animation is really sub-par. At times it can seem quality with bright colors and bold lines, but at other times, it can be scratchy and pale. Not the best, but certainly better than Speed Racer.. barely.

Music: With the exception of the opening theme, the music really doesn't stand out in this release. The closing theme is a simple slow song, but the opening is a really nice song done by L'Arc-en-ciel. Very good considering the song is at least 10 years old. But the other music in the series is forgetful at best.

Dub: Wow.. not the best dub. Karin's voice is the only stand-out good voice in the group (but Junta's is pretty good, too). The other girls' voices, especially Tomoko's, were terrible. I suggest watching DNAČ subbed and then moving to the dub if you have courage.

Overall: DNAČ is an entertaining anime to say the least. If you're looking for a fun story with some romance, comedy, and some sci-fi action, this is for you.

Seth's Ratings:
Story/Plot: 8/10
Characters: 7/10
Animation: 6/10
Music: 8/10
Dub: 6/10
Overall: 7/10
Final Verdict: Borrow, rent, or download it if you want a romantic comedy with some sci-fi in it.

The Good:
+ The premise is pretty interesting
+ The music is nice as well.

The Bad:
- The animation is faded and weak.
- The dub is one of the worst dubs.. EVER!

The Ugly:
* The main character is like Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!