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His and Her Circumstances (TV Series) Review
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Genre: Romantic Comedy,Drama
Rated: 13+ for language
It's like: If Evangelion was a romantic comedy. Scary.
Related Titles: Fruits Basket & Boys Over Flowers

Short Synopsis:
Yukino Miyazawa has craved people's praise ever since she was a child. To get this admiration, she acts like the model student: she's beautiful, nice, smart, and helps with clubs, but at home she's actually a slob who could care less what everyone else thinks. One day at school, she meets Souichiro Arima, a true model student. She hates him because he is naturally what she tries so hard to be. Then the unexpected happens, they fall into love.

Story: The story here is very complex. It could simply be described as "a love story," but it is so much more than that. His and Her Circumstances is one of the most complex and engrossing stories you're likely to come across. It's not for children, but not because of mature content, but for its complexness (is that a word?). At times, His and Her can be laugh out loud funny, and then it can just as quickly become very solemn and serious. There is one bad part about the story though: there is no big climax at the end. The series is just about the evolution of their relationships with eachother and everyone else.

Characters: If there was ever an anime that almost completely relied on its characters, this would be it. Character development is the key element here. Watching the characters mature with each other is a very interesting process. All of the characters are entertaining, and more characters are always being added. Well done here.

Animation: His and Her has the animation quality of Evangelion (you know what I mean), but it's more interesting. For some of the time characters will be in a comical chibi style, and then for another portion of time there will be "manga-style" stills. Expect the unexpected here. For one episode, everything will be done in paper cut-out form and then the next will be entirely stills and text. Interesting for sure.

Music: Music here is unexpectedly good. Both the opening and ending themes are done nicely. The BGM here is also equally enjoyable. Just like the art, the music can change from a comical "doo-wop" to a serious piano solo. You will be humming these tunes for a few days to come. I did.

Dub: The worst thing about this awesome anime. Even this, the worst part of the series, is above average. None of the voices are terrible, but Yukino and her sisters can wear down your nerves if taken in large doses. The other voices are done perfectly. It wouldn't be a bad thing to check out the subbed version every now and then.

Overall: An amazing product. The characters seem real, the art is interesting, and the plot is engrossing. Unless you cannot stand to be serious for more than five minutes, you will want to check this one out.

Seth's Ratings:
Story/Plot: 8.5/10
Characters: 10/10
Animation: 8/10
Music: 8.5/10
Dub: 7.5/10
Overall: 8.5/10
Final Verdict: Everyone should at least check it out, but for those who like a lot of drama with their romantic comedies, buy this masterpiece.

The Good:
+ The characters feel real and have all been fleshed out well.
+ The animation style is interesting and feels like you're 'watching manga.'

The Bad:
- The dub isn't perfect.
- The anime ends without finishing the story.

The Ugly:
* His and Hers is too serious for fans of mindless romantic comedies like Love Hina