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Manga Artists - Ken Akamatsu
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Name: Ken Akamatsu
Birthday: July 5, 1968
Weight: 50 kg
Height: 168 cm
Bloodtype: B

Ken Akamatsu was born a humble boy in the Japanese town of Kanagawa. Ken attended an all-boys' school, much to his dismay. He wasn't a great student and never really payed much attention in class; however, he was interested in creating games and writing. His writing inspiration was Ango Sakaya. Later, he began reading novels by Tetsuya Asada. Ken knew he wanted to write, so he joined the literature department at his university, Chuo University. But he soon learned that he didn't have the patience to write novels, so he turned to a different storytelling-median (wonder what that could have been...)

Ken really "throws" himself into his work
Ken literally throws himself into his work

Ken's most famous work
Love Hina

A.I. Love You
A.I. Love You

Works: A.I. Love You - 1994-1997
Love Hina - 1997-2001
Negima - 2001-2003

Akamatsu-san is giving YOU the eye
That devilish grin...

Ken had always loved reading manga but had never thought to create his own because he thought they were "too troublesome" to make; however, that way of thinking soon changed as Ken began to create manga. In fact, he even won the '50th Shonen Magazine Newcomer's Award in 1993 for his work "A Kid's Game for One Summer." After winning the award, Ken began to sharpen his skills and came out with his first real hit "A.I. Love You." This work really put Akamatsu on the map. His next hit, and probably his most famous, was Love Hina. Love Hina even won the award for the best manga for 2002. Love Hina - the anime - began in 2000 and was as big of a sucess as the manga. Ken stayed busy and began his latest manga creation "Negima" immediately after Love Hina. Ken's latest anime works include his childish, but entertaining, anime - Mao-chan. Also, it's now official, Negima has just been given the "go" as an anime. What's next for Akamatsu-san? No one knows, but I can tell you two things about it already: it will be awesome and there will be at least one scene in which the main character walks in on the main girl while she's not fully clothed. Keep up the good work!!