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Read Or Die (OVA) Review
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Genre: Sci-Fi,Fantasy,Action
Rated: 13+ for language and violence
It's like: A spy movie with clones and paper masters.
Related Titles: R.O.D. the TV & Silent Mobius

Short Synopsis: Yomiko Readman is just a normal substitute teacher who loves books. Well, ok, she's not really normal. Yomiko works for the British Library as 'Agent Paper.' She is called this because Yomiko can control paper, even using something as simple as a sheet of paper as a deadly weapon. A man threatens with world with super-powered clones and something called the 'Suicide Symphony,' which makes anyone who hears it instantly commit suicide. Now Yomiko, along with Drake and Nancy, must stop this mad man. I guess Yomiko won't have any time to read those books now.

Story: Read Or Die sounds weird and exiciting based off of the synapsis, right? Well, it is, but there are some problems with the plot. The main issue with the plot is simply the lack of explanation. It is never explained how Yomiko got her powers or who exactly the villian is. It's not a bad or uninteresting story, but the plot holes and lack of explanation are kind of annoying.

Characters: The characters in R.O.D. are all interesting, but they're not as fleshed out as one would hope. This is probably because there was not enough time in three episodes to completely give character backgrounds. Yomiko, the main character, is a real gem of a characters. Even without insight into her past, she is a very interesting character. The other two main characters, Nancy and Drake, are entertaining enough, but some more depth would have been nice.

Animation: Wow. The style, animation, and character design are all amazing in R.O.D. It is plain to see that this definately has high production values. The CG is well incorporated and movements look smooth and fluid. Colors are bright and bold, and lines are definate. OVA quality for sure.

Music: The music in Read Or Die is also amazing. It always matches the feel of the moment. The music has a 'James Bond' feel. This "spy" music really adds to the adventure. Amazing.

Dub: R.O.D's dub is good. Nothing extra special, but it is a notch above most current dubs. Yomiko's english voice matches well with her character. Drake has a convincingly gruff American voice; the characters from England have believable English accents. Overall, the dub is above average.

Overall: Read Or Die is a great OVA. The music and animation really stand out, the characters are likeable, and the action is explosive. Not perfect, but comes so close, it's frightening. Frighteningly good.

Seth's Ratings:
Story: 8/10
Characters: 8.5/10
Animation: 9.5/10
Music: 9.5/10
Dub: 8.5/10
Overall: 8.5/10
Final Verdict: R.O.D. is a great addition to any anime fan's library. Buy this one!

The Good:
+ Great, great animation and music
+ The 'paper' power is very original

The Bad:
- While Yomiko was interesting, the characters needed some fleshing out
- The plot needed some fleshing out, as well

The Ugly:
* As long as you don't mind an imperfect story, R.O.D is for you