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FLCL (OVA) Review
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Genre: Fantasy,Comedy,Sci-Fi
Rated: 13+ for language and some ecchi scenes
It's like: It's awesome, makes little sense, but still rocks!
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Short Synopsis:
Naota's town is boring; nothing exciting ever happens there, well, except for the new Medical Mechanica factory that was just built, but since the factory was built, strange things have been happening to Naota. First of all, Naota's older brother left to go play baseball in America. Ever since Naota's brother left, the girlfriend Naota's brother left behind has been hitting on him. Not only that, but a strange alien girl has also appeared! Her name is Haruka, and she is fixated on hitting Naota in the head with her guitar. Oh yeah, and robots begin popping from Naota's skull, too.

Story: FLCL (Fooly Cooly) has a very interesting plot. In fact, it's downright strange! The very premise sounds weird: an alien girl hits him in the head and robots come out. Cool, I know. Plus, there are some deep questions that leave one pondering the answers for hours (although I'm not even quite sure what the answers, or even the questions, are exactly). Unique to say the least.

Characters: An interesting cast makes up FLCL, that's for sure. First, there's the main character, Naota, who is just your typical kid who is coming of age, trying to make it through these complicated years. Then there's Haruka, the real fireball of the series. She's crazy, loud, kinda hot, kinda rude alien who is obsessed with opening a portal or something.. (don't want to spoil anything for those FLCL virgins). Then there's the crazy dad, cool robot, and more. Very memorable characters.

Animation: The animation is not only highly stylized, but it looks great! Crisp lines and colors, smooth movements, and awesome incorporated CG. What else can I say? There is some real spectacular animation here. FLCL has some of the best production values EVER! Simply put: perfection.

Music: I just got done talking about how great the animation was, but I forgot to leave some adjectives to describe the music in FLCL. The music is just as awesome as the animation! The Japanese J-ROCK band "The Pillows" does the music for this OVA and not only does it fit the rock-n-roll feel of the series, but it sounds darned good, too! You'll want to not only buy FLCL, you'll also be wanting the soundtrack, too!

Dub: The dub is perhaps the weakest, but still surpisingly strong, part of FLCL. The English voice actress who plays Haruka does an admirable job of portraying the craziness that is Haruka. The rest of the cast do a memorable and enjoyable job. There's are really any stand-out performances, but the dub is still very, very solid.

Overall: Fooly Cooly is an amazing piece of animation, and I would recommend it to anyone, anytime! With a unique story, great characters, amazing art, and rockin' music, there is no reason you should not check out FLCL!

Seth's Ratings:
Story: 8.5/10
Characters: 8.5/10
Animation: 10/10
Music: 10/10
Dub: 8/10
Overall: 9.5/10
Final Verdict: This is a MUST-BUY! If you die and you have still not watched FLCL, you have not really lived!

The Good:
+ Unique characters and a unique story
+ AMAZING animation
+ A totally rockin' soundtrack from The Pillows

The Bad:
- It's only 6 episodes long

The Ugly:
* While FLCL is nearly perfect, newcomers to anime may think it to be too 'strange'