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Mobile Suit Gundam (TV Series) Review
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Genre: Mech,Sci-Fi,War
Rated: 13+ for violence and non-sexual instances of brief nudity
It's like: About any other UC Gundam series out there but better
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Short Synopsis: The year is UC 0079. The Principality of Zeon has declared independence from the Earth Sphere. Now, a war rages on between Zeon and the Earth Federation. The Earth Federation has developed a new type of mobile suit with which to combat Zeon's mobile suits. The Federation's new mobile suit, the Gundam, falls into the hands of Amuro Ray. Amuro is just a seemingly normal kid with a love of computers. Amuro and Gundam join White Base, the Federation's new battleship. Unfortunately, the White Base's crew consists only of kids and unexperienced soldiers; however, this band of rag-tag kids could change the outcome of the war.

Story: Mobile Suit Gundam is one of, if not the first giant-robot series out there. Therefore, it can be inferred that it has a very original plot. And it is. The military stategies that unfold are exciting. And just about every episode manages to offer a new challange or problem. This is very satisfying. Even though the pace of the show begins to falter in the last 5 or so episodes with the inclusion of 'new types,' the series as a whole has a great story.

Characters: Like I said before, this was a very original series, so the characters are original, too. The main character, Amuro, is very different from your average lead. He isn't a strong-willed, energetic, or a loud-mouth. This is all very refreshing. All of the other characters are likable as well. Although that's not to say that they don't have their bad points (Amuro can get a little whiny when he doesn't have a nap).

Animation: Ok. Like mentioned twice already - Mobile Suit Gundam is an old anime. Therefore, the animation looks like the old Hanna-Barbara cartoon with an anime influence. Not to say that the animation is bad, but it's definately not the selling point of this anime. Although it does look a lot better than Speed Racer. Character designs are unique and memorable. Overall, if you can understand why it looks so crappy, then the animation can begin to grow on you a little.

Music: Sadly, this is one area that Mobile Suit Gundam begins to lack in. The opening and ending songs are ridiculous and very dated (although the opening is a little better than the ending). The in-show music is a little better though. It has kind of a weird, techno feel for most of it. It fits the show, and isn't all bad. Overall, don't buy the soundtrack to Mobile Suit Gundam.

Dub: The Bandai people can dub an anime reel good. Yup yup. Ahem.. all of the voices are great. Each one fits the character and none of the voices are annoying. Richard Cox (guy that does InuYasha's voice) does a great job of portraying the sarcastic Kai; and Brad Swaile does a bang-up job of doing Amuro's voice. It's a good 'un!

Overall: Mobile Suit Gundam is more than just a great anime, it's a look into the industry's beginnings. With the exception of the animation and some of the music, Mobile Suit Gundam does not feel dated at all. It's very good.

Seth's Ratings:
Story: 9/10
Characters: 9/10
Animation: 5/10
Music: 6/10
Dub: 9/10
Overall: 8.5/10
Final Verdict: It may not be for anime newbies who are used to today's animation, but for anyone else, Mobile Suit Gundam is a great piece of animation - everyone deserves to at least see it.

The Good:
+ The overall originality of the characters, story, etc.
+ The story is engaging and interesting; does not feel dated

The Bad:
- The animation and music both feel very dated
- The series could have had a better ending

The Ugly:
* It's not all about the animation, this series rocks!