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Kazuki Yotsuga
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Kazuki was just your regular, average loser. That is, until he started seeing these visions of giant robots fighting in the streets. That's when he became a very special loser. Mitsuki Sanada took Kazuki to her father, Dr. Ken Sanada. Dr. Sanada knew there was something going on with this boy. After the Dr. explained some "parallel world stuff" to Kazuki, he sent him and Mitsuki to this other world. That's when Kazuki's life got even more special. Kazuki found himself in a world far different from his own, but somehow familiar. He met the other Dr. Sanada, the one from the parallel world. This Dr. Sanada told Kazuki he could pilot a Core Robot. This was a big shock to everyone because before this, only females could pilot these large robots. It was also a suprise to Kazuki because he had never even seen one before he got to this world. Kazuki then became the pilot of Core Robot 1, although it was against his choice. It was an order from the UN. One by one, Kazuki met people from this parallel world. Many of them would become some of his best friends, and some even more than friends. *wink* He first met Yayoi, the original pilot of the Core Robot 1. He even helped her when he first entered this world. Kazuki also met "D". "D" is a lifeform from ancient times who was resurrected with the aid of technology. Dr. Sanada, also known as Commander Sanada, was quite sure that Kazuki would be just what they needed to defeat the Ra Ra Army. The Ra Ra Army is the force that is trying to take control of the world. Kazuki is a very special pilot. First of all, he is the first male pilot. Secondly, he is able to pilot the core robots when his life sympathy is negative. Life sympathy is what is used to pilot a core robot, it's something that comes naturally in humans. One other thing you should know about Kazuki, he is MAJORLY popular with the ladies. Mitsuki Sanada grows fond of him, Yayoi has a thing for him, "D" likes him, but that's kind of a strange relationship there, and later Mitsuki RaRa. Kazuki is going to have some crazy adventures in this parallel world.

Kazuki Yutsuga